Julie Kinu Egresitz is a visual artist that opposes the lens in which memory is hazy and forever haunting. Her art practice revolves around printmaking techniques, painting, drawing, and story writing. She is fascinated with the ways in which children navigate the world through a series of games. Children’s pretending builds upon their already known reality: an expansive world that is boundless. Colorful. Alien-like.

How do adults wake up one day and forget how to pretend?

However, she feels no sense of nostalgia for childhood–no wishing for a way to go back. As an adult, she is no longer a player in their games but views this as a source of awe rather than sadness. Her prints are snapshots, vibrating with saturation and textures, that depict the strangeness in being an onlooker of a game in motion. 

Feeling racial or gender ambiguity as a child is another factor that continues to impact her work. The figures appear “otherworldly.” With little to no facial features or differing clothing, the figures are meant to blend into each other. 

She has developed unique low relief printing processes to properly translate these dynamics of children’s play while also using depth as another drawing tool.

Julie will graduate with a BFA in Printmaking and a Concentration in Literary Arts and Studies from RISD in 2023.